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Greenland gives beer to Ram Quarter residents to spread cheer during lockdown

Community 07 May 2020

Greenland has given beer brewed on site at Ram Quarter to residents to help buoy spirits during the lockdown.

Ram Quarter has long been at the centre of Wandsworth’s community, and is famed for its brewing tradition.  A nanobrewery run by Ram Quarter's very own brewer John Hatch has been maintained in the old stables on site since Young’s ceased operations in 2006.  This has ensured that Ram Quarter’s record as the longest continuously-brewing site in the UK has been kept alive throughout the redevelopment process.

Greenland wanted to spread some cheer to its Ram Quarter residents during the lockdown, and saw an opportunity to share the beer brewed on site.  There were many obstacles to overcome before the idea could become a reality – including making sure that the beer could be decanted and distributed safely and efficiently for home consumption, with all necessary social distancing observed.  But the effort has been a huge success, and the acceptances have poured in, with more than 100 residents responding to the offer on the morning it was announced.

John Hatch said after the first distribution that the residents' attitude was, "very uplifting indeed.  It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm and excitement.  In these unusual times it’s really important for people to feel part of the community, and it’s been great to work with Greenland to share this special part of Ram Quarter’s history with residents."

Many residents have written to express their gratitude, with comments including: "LOVED THE BEER", "very happy", "absolutely delicious" and "would like more than 3 litres next time!"  Residents have in turn been generous with donations to the brewing fund, enabling the scheme to be self-sustaining.

Greenland will continue to distribute free beer to residents in the coming weeks until normal operations can resume.

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